Tall grass with a certain symmetry in the middle of ferns and other colorful flowers

Colorful Vegetation, Ribadeo, Galicia, 2020

A personal favorite of mine! Extension tubes in my pocket, I went out that morning with the idea of doing some insect portraits in macro mode. I got 2 things out of it: the first one is that to find subjects in macro, you often have to bend down, and I didn't feel like bending down that morning. The second is that you always have to stay open to entirely different opportunities from your initial idea. That's how I came across these almost symmetrical grasses surrounded by beautiful colors on the edge of a forest road. It was so poorly maintained that I struggled to find the right framing and position the tripod. But it was worth it! Although I could have optimized the frame even further, I'm delighted with the result, easily one of my personal top 10.
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