👋  Hello, welcome to my photography website!

I mostly photograph nature and landscapes, with a focus on local and intimates scenes, organized by themes. Here are my ongoing series:

Thumbnail for gallery: Jurrassic reserve
Jurrassic reserve
Here is the story of a collection of images that almost never existed. Or how recent historical events forced me into (re)discovering a nearby piece of land, whose glorious past can be traced back as far as 200 million years ago.
Thumbnail for gallery: The invisible landscape
The invisible landscape
Can landscape photography be practiced in so-called “boring” landscapes? I believe so, but one needs to put in the extra effort in making visible the invisible. However successful the result is - photographically speaking - the process alone is definitely worthwhile in itself.
Thumbnail for gallery: The north coast
The north coast
The northern coast of Spain is one of the best-kept secrets of landscape photography. It has everything a nature photographer could ever dream of: epic, rocky coastlines and sea stacks, high mountains, wild woodlands, moody conditions, waterfalls, picturesque lighthouses, and, above all, a whole lot of locations that are yet to be overphotographed.
Thumbnail for gallery: Elements
Can the work of a philosopher from the 17th century, who died long before capturing the world on film became a reality, provide the framework for a photography project? This might sound like a bizarre idea, but I’ve tried anyway.