My favorites photographic experiences, the most nourishing ones, and the ones that I constantly seek are made of encounters, connexion, and dialogues. Encounters first, after long wanderings in nature, with the unexpected, the beautiful, the spectacular, the intimate, the intriguing. Connexion next, with the present moment and my subject, around which I can turn like a curious beast for a long period before deciding to take my camera out. And finally, photographic dialogue, with everything that makes the charm of impromptu discussions: enthusiasm, agreements, disagreements, digressions, ramblings, disappointments, misunderstandings, passion, reconciliations. Sometimes, these experiences result in one or more photos that I like and I feel like sharing: these are the ones that you will find on this website.

I have been practicing photography for many years, however, it is only recently that it has become such an important part of my life, significantly increasing my image production and the urge to answer the lingering question: “what should I do with all these photographs?!?”. I decided to create this website as a motivation to sort, group, refine, think and share series of images. Hope you will enjoy them, do not hesitate to drop me a line with any comments you may have!

When I’m not taking pictures, I work for an IT company in Luxembourg that builds tools for the eLearning industry.

"Myself looking into my camera bag in front of a waterfall"
Getting soaked...